websites You start with a few chords, a simple melodic idea, and some words. We’ll guide you through the rest.

An experienced set of ears can help you extract the most out of your song idea, transforming it into the work you imagined it could be. We have helped clients take iPhone demos and delivered professional products that made them proud.

We can help you with:

  • The Development & Arrangement Of Parts
  • Generating Fresh Ideas
  • Identifying & Developing Song Hooks
  • Layering The Song
  • Performance Coaching
  • Organising Session Players
  • Managing The Recording Schedule & Budget
Singer (Male)


Deep Breath. Relax. There’s water by your side and a supportive engineer, ready to capture you at your finest.

We recognise that people respond differently to the recording process: Some musicians buckle under the pressure, while others sail on through with no concern. Recording is an art form we take very seriously. We know when to keep the session lighthearted, when to push a little, and when to bring you back to that ‘safe’ zone. A recording is as much technical as it is about capturing the right emotion, to deliver the best version of you possible.

You will:

  • Realise Your Performance Potential
  • Receive Support & Encouragement To Take Risks
  • Lay The Foundations For A Great Sounding Mix
  • Experience Recording Through Some Of The Most State Of The Art Equipment Available


The recording is engaging and the production feels right. It’s time to add our special ‘fairy dust’ to the mix.

We observe great attention to detail when mixing songs. to help them realise the message and emotion they offer, so they ignite a spark in the imaginations of many listeners. We begin mixing your project with an open mind, focusing on developing the musical storyline that is as unique & creative as you are.

We offer:

    • Detailed Professional Mixes
    • An Inclusive & Feedback Driven Process Throughout
    • Online Submission & Delivery Options For Local & International Clients
    • Vocal Tuning & Editing when required
    • Unlimited Mix Tweaks & Revisions


The production sounds great, but you still wonder if it needs live players. Wonder no more.

Virtual instruments have improved considerably in recent years – particularly drums, though nothing is more real than a living & breathing player. Real musicians are sympathetic to the arrangement and interactive with the song. The professional influence of a live player elevates the sound of a record to a whole new level. We carefully select players from our existing network to recommend only those whom we believe are best suited to your style.

Session Players include:

  • Drummers
  • Guitarists
  • Bassists
  • Backing Vocalists
  • Keys Players


The vocal is electrifying and moving, though lacking some polish in execution. Transparent pitch correction can help it shine.

Great vocal tuning is like great make-up: You never notice it. It’s often surprising to learn of singers using voice tuning to enhance their vocals. The fact that you otherwise never suspected it says a lot about the work of their production crew. We understand how to achieve this level of transparency with our vocal tuning, through our specialist techniques. When we’ve worked our magic, you will believe the vocal went down that way in the studio. Need a more obvious “hard” tuned vocal? We offer that too.

We provide:

    • Detailed Manual Tuning By Ear
    • Authentic & Transparent Through To Hard-Tuned Results
    • Vocal Editing And Clean Up
    • Timing Tweaks (if needed)
Vocal Tuning


There’s a fine line between a mathematically note perfect performance and sloppy mess. Allow us to walk the line.a

Attentive and careful editing is a vital part of preparing music for mixing. It removes distractions from the song, enabling the right quirks of a performance to stay. We believe in preserving the authenticity of a performance, using manual editing techniques and a fine-tuned set of ears. We rarely lock anything to a perfect time grid, as we value how instruments work together musically.

You will:

  • Realise Your Performance Potential Through Careful Editing
  • Receive Support & Encouragement To Take Risks
  • Lay The Foundations For A Great Sounding Mix
  • Record Through State Of The Art Equipment