Frequently Asked Questions

A: We only accept *.wav format files, which work across multiple audio programs. Check out my Mix Prep Guide for more specific details on how to prepare your files before handing them over for mixing.

A: Yes! Long standing clients who have shown great loyalty, and built mutual trust are often rewarded with discounts.

About 1-2 days per song, although albums are generally less per song than singles. This of course depends heavily on the complexity of the material and how well prepared it arrives.

Yes, I both mix and master, however, typically I only offer one or the other service on the same project. A separate mastering engineer provides a fresh set of ears on a mix, because they’re listening in a different environment and on a different playback system. If I mix & master, I wouldn’t be providing you with that valuable ‘2nd opinion’ on the mix.

As I price mixing per song/project, I therefore do not have an hourly rate. The work we agree on is priced at a flat rate, which means that you know exactly how much the project will cost BEFORE you pay. There are no hidden costs.

Quite easily! I work with international and interstate clients often. After an initial video call or consultation over email, where we will discuss the outcomes of your project, I’ll download the song files, prepare a draft mix and check in with you to make sure everything is moving in the right directi0n. After that, I’ll send through Mix version 1, where you will have the opportunity to make any changes via an dedicated online platform where you can leave time-based comments about the changes (if any) that you require.